A polish film director who served just 42 days in prison in 1977 after he pled guilty to having sex with a minor has had his US extradition denied by the polish courts. Roman Polanski the film director fled to France after the incident which happened over 4 decades ago, but now the US wants him back and are trying to extradite him to serve the rest of his punishment.

What Happened All Those Years Ago

Back in 1977, Oscar winning film director Polanski admitted to having sex with a 13 year old girl (Samantha Geimer) during a photo shoot in Los Angeles. As a result of this he was ordered by a judge to undergo a psychiatric study inside a state prison where he served his 47 days.
After these 47 days which was his initial punishment for the incident in question the judge then suggested that he should go back to prison, so Polanski instead decided to flee to France.

This Isn’t the First Time They Have Tried to Extradite Him
In fact in 2009 he was arrested while in Zurich for the same US warrant and placed under house arrest as a result until 2010. However the Swiss authorities decided not to extradite him back in 2009 either. Then again in 2014, the United States requested another extradition from Poland following a high profile appearance he made in Warsaw in 2014.

What the Future Holds for Polanski

Now 82, Polanski’s case was heard in Krakow by a judge who sided in his favor and has stopped the extradition for now. However, if the US appeal the ruling, the judge’s decision on the case is not legally binding and it all comes down to the Justice Minister to decide his eventual fate and whether he will be extradited back to the US or not. Darius Maruz the presiding judge in the case said it was a very complicated case and the extradition procedure itself would go as far as violating basic human rights by keeping the director in confinement. Likewise Polanski’s lawyers have pointed out that he already has served out his initial sentence which was given to him by the Los Angeles judge and Jan Olszeweki said “”This is not about justice or the interest of the victim” who is the director’s lawyer.

Whatever the outcome may be, at 82 years old Polanski has obviously upset the US as they have continued to pursue him and probably don’t like the fact that he committed a crime on their soil and only served a very small time in prison as a result. However being that the incident took place in 1977, it hardly seems right that it is simply justice for the girl’s family and maybe there is more to it than that, especially with him being such a high profile character and a successful award winning film director too.
Only time will tell if the US will appeal the judge’s decision in Krakow and try once again to get him extradited back to the US to serve what may be his last days in prison for a crime committed 4 decades ago.