Law firm public relations

All of law firms should have good relations with the public. Legal marketing services can be very important when it comes to attracting new customers. This is a part of the firm’s communicational strategies. This is very important for the firm. All of the firms should devise a plan before starting any sort of a new project. These plans can attract all sorts of new customers and it can bring up your value on the market. Some of the most important things for new plans are:

1. Key contacts are very important when you are trying to manage some crisis and problems. This is especially useful when it comes to media. Knowing few people from somewhere can really help you up.
2. Roles and responsibilities are one of the most important things. It is very important that everything in your company is highly organized and arranged. You should give higher roles to those people who are determined to work hard and have some basic leadership skills.
3. If you are making some big move on the market and you don’t want to go unseen then you should first make some risk evaluations and prioritization analysis. Risk assessment can be quite useful when it comes to new business problems and interests. Good preparation is always important.
4. You should prepare the needed information and documentation which can be proved very useful. This can be used mostly in negations and similar purposes.
5. You should construct your plan and prepare your key message to the market. Here you are devising a plan how to pack your product and sell it good on the market. Good relations with public and media are especially needed. This can be very good because you need to predict all the possible future moves.
6. At last you should make your path for reviews and approvals. Approvals are very important in this stage and if they are great then you shouldn’t worry about anything.

When you have a good reputation with the public and the media then you shouldn’t worry about anything. They will boost you up immediately. Media is very important because if you fall in their eyes then you will fall in customer’s eyes too.

You should watch out for the real needs of the market and adapt your strategies and prices to it. This will give you good business and bring you money. Most of law firms are making entire departments for the relations with public. These departments are watching carefully for any changes on the market. This is how these companies know how to act in certain situations when it comes to crisis management. The best way to fight crisis is to avoid it they are also incorporating latest technologies in order of managing and placing their products and services to the markets. They want to know in every moment what people thoughts are. In this way they will always be ahead of their competition. It is important that your tactics are carefully made and that you in the end have very good relations with public.

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Law Forbids Film Director’s Extradition to U.S.

A polish film director who served just 42 days in prison in 1977 after he pled guilty to having sex with a minor has had his US extradition denied by the polish courts. Roman Polanski the film director fled to France after the incident which happened over 4 decades ago, but now the US wants him back and are trying to extradite him to serve the rest of his punishment.

What Happened All Those Years Ago

Back in 1977, Oscar winning film director Polanski admitted to having sex with a 13 year old girl (Samantha Geimer) during a photo shoot in Los Angeles. As a result of this he was ordered by a judge to undergo a psychiatric study inside a state prison where he served his 47 days.
After these 47 days which was his initial punishment for the incident in question the judge then suggested that he should go back to prison, so Polanski instead decided to flee to France.

This Isn’t the First Time They Have Tried to Extradite Him
In fact in 2009 he was arrested while in Zurich for the same US warrant and placed under house arrest as a result until 2010. However the Swiss authorities decided not to extradite him back in 2009 either. Then again in 2014, the United States requested another extradition from Poland following a high profile appearance he made in Warsaw in 2014.

What the Future Holds for Polanski

Now 82, Polanski’s case was heard in Krakow by a judge who sided in his favor and has stopped the extradition for now. However, if the US appeal the ruling, the judge’s decision on the case is not legally binding and it all comes down to the Justice Minister to decide his eventual fate and whether he will be extradited back to the US or not. Darius Maruz the presiding judge in the case said it was a very complicated case and the extradition procedure itself would go as far as violating basic human rights by keeping the director in confinement. Likewise Polanski’s lawyers have pointed out that he already has served out his initial sentence which was given to him by the Los Angeles judge and Jan Olszeweki said “”This is not about justice or the interest of the victim” who is the director’s lawyer.

Whatever the outcome may be, at 82 years old Polanski has obviously upset the US as they have continued to pursue him and probably don’t like the fact that he committed a crime on their soil and only served a very small time in prison as a result. However being that the incident took place in 1977, it hardly seems right that it is simply justice for the girl’s family and maybe there is more to it than that, especially with him being such a high profile character and a successful award winning film director too.
Only time will tell if the US will appeal the judge’s decision in Krakow and try once again to get him extradited back to the US to serve what may be his last days in prison for a crime committed 4 decades ago.

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$35million Fraud Case Finds Singapore Leader Guilty

On Wednesday, Singapore’s church leader and co-founder as well as five other leaders were convicted of a massive multi-million dollar fraud to fund none other than his wife’s singing career. That is certainly a serious case of love mixed with utter stupidity.

Modern Day Shakespeare Love Story?
This mixture of love, faith and scandal sounds like a modern day love story from Shakespeare and as a result has the affluent people of Singapore wondering just how they got away with it for so long and managed to defraud the churches out of so much money.

Which Church?

The churches accused are none other than the Harvest Churches, headed by none other than Kong Hee who was actually arrested and charged back in 2012 for criminal breach of trust and falsifying accounts. Probably a big red flag right there that there may have been more to it.
The harvest churches have huge ambitions to expand their faith and beliefs across the world and turn them into centers for evangelical Christianity. They are one of many of Singapore’s “mega churches” which preach a “prosperity gospel” that mixes in with both spiritual but also materialistic wants too, in this case $35 million dollars and probably more if it wasn’t spotted until later on.

What Does The Evidence Say?
The presiding judge in this case, Judge See Kee Oon said “Evidence points to a finding that they knew they were acting dishonestly, and I am unable to conclude otherwise” in front of a packed court room full of church supporters who part of the money probably came from in the first place. There hasn’t been a date set for sentencing but the 6 leaders could all be spending life in prison as Singapore is extremely strict on things like this and criminal breach of trust is punishable by a maximum of a life sentence whereas falsifying accounts is shorter at 10 years as well as a fine on top. This is a big price to pay for the pastor and his other 5 leaders when it was all for the love of his wife and her love of singing.

How Far Does $35 Million Go To Helping Your Singing Career?

Was it really all worth it? Kong Hee’s wife Ho has actually released five albums in Taiwan and went on to break into the US market in 2003 and as a result has appeared in several videos too. You can see her dancing intimately with the rapper Wyclef Jean in a video, from the English single called “Chine Wine”. As a result this video caused controversy at the time of its release with people saying she has betrayed her Christian pastor and husband because of the provocative nature of her dancing.Ho who is actually the co-founder and executive director of the church too has not been charged in the case, which either makes her very clever or she genuinely had no idea.

Where Does This Leave The Church Followers?
Well the 17,000+ strong members (according to last year’s annual statistics) seem to have stuck by their leader in support and held a huge prayer session for the 6 leaders on Tuesday night and have shown their support to Ho too.

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